Manufacturing & Assembling:


In our shop floor in Sankt Augustin, near Bonn, we can assemble machine groups and machines, electrically wire, pneumatically and hydraulically hosing or piping and commissioning if necessary.

Machining possibilities in the machining area and the possibility of manufacturing welding constructions are also available. CNC machining facilities are also available at the site. This results in the possibility of carrying out modifications to the supplier parts and repairs to machines and, if necessary, increasing the production depth.

We will be pleased to assist you in the case of bottlenecks with installation personnel or during the relocation of machines as well as in the repair, overhaul, conversion and retrofitting of machines.

We can offer the services on the basis of a work contract at a fixed price and thus assume responsibility, logistics and coordination.

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Possibilities on site:

  • Shop floor: area approx. 450 sqm
  • Shop floor height:  approx. 9 m
  • Deck crane: 3.5 t
  • Forklifter
  • Conventional milling machines and turning machines
  • Access to CNC manufacturing at the home location
  • Good connection to the infrastructure