Engineering of complete plants for the production of plastic packaging and the packaging of liquids:

Companies that deal with the production and filling of various motor and gear oils, antifreeze agents, window cleaners or various other liquids are among our customers. Our customers manufacture the packaging in the form of blown plastic bottles and canisters on their own extrusion blow molding lines. Likewise, the corresponding plastic closures are produced by injection molding. The areas of packaging, palletising, quality control, logistics etc. are also important components in the production process of our customers.

We, the Sagittarius Engineering GmbH, offer our customers the complete engineering for new production plants or also the optimization and conversion of existing production plants, for the purpose of improving the production processes, reducing the in-house traffic, bundling the supply of all machines with raw material, (HDPE, LDPE) compressed air, cooling water and electrical energy.

The engineering services offered by us are divided into several sections due to the complex scope of tasks:

1. Preparation of the basic documents as basis for the different planning stages:
a) Recording of the actual condition, all data needed for future planning will be collected and processed on site. Existing structural conditions are measured as well as existing machines and components of the power supply are technically analyzed in order to incorporate the data into 3D models and the design of the system. This allows later amongst others also a more meaningful representation of the process flows of existing and future process flows.
b) Preparation of an energy and consumption list for the determination of supply gaps in the area of ​​electricity, compressed air, cooling water and raw material. Determination of all relevant data for planning an optimal material flow. In terms of production utilization, we assume 100% of future installed machine capacity.
c) The hall complexes will be worked out graphically so that the proposed production measures can be documented later in a realistic environment. The work will be carried out with the 3D CAD software SolidWorks.
d) Individual layouts of all relevant machines are created in 3D format. These are mainly blow molding machines, injection molding machines, compressors, cooling units and raw material supply systems.

2. Planning and design of the machine installation (plastics processing, compressed air supply, cooling water production and raw material supply):
a) Design of the machine park for the packaging and closure production regarding to the later planned expansion stages within the scope of automation.
b) Planning and documentation of the compressed air station with the corresponding piping plans.
c) Planning and documentation of the cooling water station with the corresponding piping plans.
d) Planning and documentation of the raw material supply with the corresponding deposits, equipment and piping plans.
e) Planning the electrical power supply via cable routes.
f) Investigation of the feasibility of material cycles on individual blow molding machines (waste removal, transport to the mill, grinding and re-feeding of the material to be ground)

3. Planning or modernization and automation of article handling behind the article removal of the blow molding machine:
a) Integration of quality assurance devices, e.g. leak testing systems and continuous scales in the article transport.
b) Individual design of empty container palletizing regarding to the respective machine output (semi or fully automatic)
c) Development of proposals for container and pallet marking
d) Planning a future-oriented conveyor system for the transport of full pallets to the transfer point "Warehouse"

4. Modernization and automation of article handling behind the article output of injection molding machines
a) Development of an end-to-end concept for the discharge and transport of the produced closures up to the completion automaton.
b) Planning of "closure completion"
c) Planning of the packaging of closures in cartons as well as the palletizing and transport of full pallets to the transfer point "warehouse"

5. Preparation of the project documentation
a) Drawings of individual works (for example, blow molding machine, injection molding machine, compressor station, etc.) and overall views (hall layouts).
b) Detailed description of all recommended measures.
c) Drawing up a list of the suppliers required to implement the measures, including their offers.
d) All relevant descriptions are in German, English or Russian.

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